Outdoor Elegance: The Benefits Of A Beach Bash, Tent Side Celebration or Destination Wedding

Whether you're a native Long Islander or just plan on having your wedding here, one thing's for sure....Long Island is "famous" for it's fabulous beaches. And, beaches can make beachy keen locations for your big day, especially if you're planning to wed in the warmer spring and summer months.

These scenic outdoor arenas offer an ideal backdrop for exchanging  "I Dos" and for the party following. In fact, waterside weddings, offer not only tranquility and serenity by also exquisite symbolism. Water with its vast and endless flow is the perfect purlieus for making and taking your vows and starting a vast and endless life together.

So, whether it's a beachfront bash, tent side celebration or destination wedding....there are many benefits of getting married on or by the water.

* Beaches make for cost effective , eco-friendly celebrations when it comes to decorations: Since "Mother-Nature" has done most of the work for you, there is little more you'll both need to do. You can save money, time and energy when it comes to adding ambiance to your wedding   space such as a church or reception hall.  Plus, not every beach is the same. Each has its own aesthetic appeal to offer. And, all this ambiance is eco-friendly, eco-chic and, best of all, FREE. So, let the sand, sea, sky and surrounding trees be your landscape, your backdrop. After all nothing says romantic like a beachside sunset at dusk.

* Simply Spectacular  Sophistication: If you want elegance without all the pomp and circumstance, these outdoor arenas are the ideal location for your celebration. Hosting a beachside wedding, tent side celebration or destination wedding allows you to treat your guests to a sophisticated soiree that's laid back, lots of fun and truly Great Gatsbyesque.

* Allows You To Create Your Dream Theme: From "Beach Blanket Bingo" complete with 50s music and some after hours games including, maybe twister to a classic beach theme or even a nautical nature theme beaches, tents and exotic destination allow you to engage your imagination, reach for the stars and literally let the sky be the limit when it comes to creativity.

*Soothing Setting: Who doesn't love the beach? Remember, the ocean and the great outdoors is not only awe-inspiring but also quite relaxing. So, whether you're just having your ceremony and or cocktail hour outside or hosting your entire fete under the stars, your star-studded evening is likely to soothe your spirits and the spirits of your guests.

* Less Stress....More Fun: Besides having built-in ambiance outdoor/beach weddings often also mean less work for the bride and groom. Because outdoor "events" are less traditional there is less involved in organizing and orchestrating  your seaside soiree. In addition, many beach weddings, especially destination weddings are arranged through a hotel or wedding planner which means you can focus less on the planning and more on the celebrating.

Another benefit of these stress free festivities is they tend to be more "intimate" (though there is certainly room for ALL your family, friends and guests) and that means more time for you to enjoy getting ready for the big day...and then, spending more time enjoying your party and your guests. So, whether you're celebrating your love under the stars or under the sun...it's a win-win situation for everyone.