Enchanted "I Dos": Why Estates, Mansions and Castles Are All The Rage

You found your Prince Charming and now you're on the road to the storybook wedding you've always dreamed of. So, what better place for a princess to host her romantic celebration of love than a fairytale location like a mansion, an estate or a castle. And, Long Island is home to a host of historical landmarks that offer brides and grooms all the "magic" of romance and elegance of times gone by. Each of these aristocratic venues pay homage to elegance and majesty where celebrations meant exquisite dinners with extravagantly dressed guests reveling  in stately ballrooms replete with breathtaking fireplaces and chandeliers.

In fact, if you've ever stepped inside a historical  estate, mansion or Castle who already know the sophistication and elegance they exude. It's honestly effortless and in just moments you are transported to another place and time.

The scene was ALWAYS one of  a noble gala full of ambiance and character. And, these regal venues promise couples not only a memorable event but can offer them many features that that save them money and alleviate stress. These elaborate halls offer sophisticated surroundings that translate into minimal decorating  decisions and requirements. They also offer  all-in-one catering services and on-site ceremony options....and are the "ideal" venue for unforgettable venues for dignified celebrations especially for those who can remain flexible.

Mansions, estates and Castles also offer a unique ,  upscale, one-of-a -kind  location for eclectic couples. Their vintage appeal makes them the ideal spot for not only saying "I Do", but they also provide a  perfectly picturesque backdrop for photos.

Mansions  and estates offer "intimate" majesty allowing couples to host an elegant "at-home" event in the home of their dreams. And, with a little imagination and proper use of the spectacular space(s) couples  really can create an unforgettable event...it's really just a matter of taking advantage of the character and flow of these historic homes.

Castles on the other hand offer much of the same grandeur on a grander scale. Their larger than life majesty beckons couples with a "go big or go home" mentality who want a wedding celebration that commemorates both history and nobility.

Large ballrooms can accommodate a vast guest list and regal revelry in a fashion familiar to royalty. Castles let you treat your guests to quintessential in elegance and ambiance...and, once again with little required (on your part) to make your party place picture perfect, because it already is.

Just remember, that whether you choose a mansion, estate, or  castle, there may be special features for your to consider. From winding staircases to LONG hallways, and the possibility of a variety of rooms  you'll want to think about not only the WOW factor but how convenient all this added ambiance will be for your guests. Will family and friends be able to walk the long corridors or take advantage of all the various setups (such as cocktail hour, martini bar, etc) located in the variety of rooms, chamber or garden courtyards? On the other hand, these added extras can mean added ambiance. From exquisite escapes such as a billiard room or a sitting room where guests can retreat for an after dinner drink and some social conversation to private parlors for prettying oneself up, placing the kids for some respite, or just added areas for your cocktail hour or martini bar, the extra perks can make family and friends feel extra pampered. And, if you plan on getting married in the warmer months the flower gardens and courtyards serve as the perfect setting for a tea or garden party...as  well as the perfect place for taking pictures or exchanging your "I Dos".

Simply put, these not so simple settings are the ultimate in both simple and sensational sophistication... and they offer all the perquisites a couple can hope and dream for.