Heather & Pete

Pete and Heather come from two very different backgrounds, which made their wedding planning process a very unique experience. Heather was a Long Island bride, born and raised, while Pete was born and raised in Serbia. This combining of love, lives, and culture was very important to the couple and thus played a pivotal role in the planning and details of their luxurious Long Island Wedding.

After looking at a couple different reception locations, the happy couple met and fell in love with Westbury Manor. Not only was the location and backdrop perfect for their unique affair, their banquet manager happened to also be Serbian herself, lending her own ideas and insights on how their wedding could incorporate both of their cultures into one happy union.

From the bride: “Perhaps my favorite thing about the wedding was how flawlessly our two different cultures came together seamlessly. I wanted the wedding to be a representation of both of us, and I think it was accomplished. Serbian-style food was represented as part of our cocktail hour stations, and a special Serbian dish was added to our menu. The kitchen at Westbury Manor clearly did their research and did a great job preparing the dishes. We had a special Serbian alcohol served at the bar, and our DJ played a couple traditional Serbian songs, which wound up being one of my favorite moments of the whole night. Our Serbian guests were so excited, and my own family jumped up to join them on the dance floor. It was crazy, magical and hilarious. It meant so much to us to see everyone open to embracing each other and celebrating together. It was truly a special and symbolic moment!”