Hot, Delicious Trends In Wedding Fare

Most guests look forward to the day you're all grown up and tie the knot, but in reality they also look forward to all the (fancy) food and drink.

But experts caution that while you "do" want to offer some exotic entrees you want to make sure you dish out some all time favorites that are guaranteed to be a big hit.

So, if you're wondering what some of your most palatable selections are, we're here to tell you.

A Fowl Feast
When it comes to main courses that are both heavenly (tasting) and healthy, chicken still tops the list. And, not only is it cost effective but can be served in a variety of ways from broiled to cordon bleu.

And, since it's so "affordable", you may want to ask your catering facility to offer it in a variety of ways, chicken fingers for kids, broiled or barbecued for your average Joe or Jane, or wrapped in phyllo dough for more distinctive or exotic tastes. And, if you're having a winter or fall event, why not consider serving up some chicken pot pie?

Meat Their Culinary Demands
Meat and potatoes have also withstood the taste test of time, and can be offered in an assortment of succulent ways.

What's important to remember here is portion size and tenderness. While, healthfully speaking too much (of even a good thing) can be no good for guests, you'll want to serve an ample portion to your guests, but keep in mind that quality and presentation (not size) is what matters. So, make sure that you choose (even if it means paying a bit more) top cuts of meat that will be tender and melt in their mouth.

A Great Catch
Not everyone is a fish person, but for those who are some of the most universally accepted fish dishes include stuffed fillet of sole, tuna and salmon. In fact, these three are likely to be your safest bets when it comes to tastefully reeling in your guests.

Again, you'll need to ensure they are properly prepared to guarantee moistness and tenderness, and since not all guests will be hooked on the same taste (of fish) you may want to consider offering one or two additional options.

The Best Of Both Worlds
Even strict meat and potatoes people frequently enjoy a plate of surf and turf.

Again, remember to choose only prime cuts of meat and amble portions of shellfish and don't forget to make two servings of lobster, shrimp, or meat and option

Sans Viande
More and more people are becoming health conscious and cutting back on (fatty) meats, fried foods, and carbs. With that said, experts suggest including at least one vegetarian alternative on the menu there's plenty to choose from. From grilled veggies, Portobello, or even pasta dishes, with a little research and creativity there's plenty to choose from. And, they add, try to make or at least offer whole grain or whole wheat bread and pasta alternatives for those who are watching their carbs and their waist.

International Delights
With Mediterranean and Asian Fare gaining in mainstream popularity, many couples are opting to feature fare from various parts of the world at their wedding reception. Consider serving up some ethnic or regional foods as part of your cocktail hour, buffet display or as an option on your menu.