Love and Romance never go out of style. And, this upcoming year promises some serious style for brides to fall in love with. Here are just some of the latest and greatest to grace the runways for 2021. Bedazzling Brides: Bling is back in a big way. This season’s styles spell out sophistication and splendor with dazzling dresses featuring ornate bodices and encrusted sleeves. Inspired by the Great Gatsby era of elegance, these bedazzling dresses focus on keeping all eyes on the bride.

You found your Prince Charming and now you're on the road to the storybook wedding you've always dreamed of. So, what better place for a princess to host her romantic celebration of love than a fairytale location like a mansion, an estate or a castle. And, Long Island is home to a host of historical landmarks that offer brides and grooms all the "magic" of romance and elegance of times gone by. Each of these aristocratic venues pay homage to elegance and majesty where celebrations meant exquisite dinners with extravagantly dressed guests...

Most couples want their ENTIRE wedding to be memorable, which is why many opt for an additional hour at the end, perhaps an “after party” with cordials and conversation, and an elaborate dessert hour complete with coffee, ice-cream and dessert bar that offers a panacea of tasty treats, including a customized cake, and sometimes, even a specialty cake just for the groom.

Most guests look forward to the day you're all grown up and tie the knot, but in reality they also look forward to all the (fancy) food and drink. But experts caution that while you "do" want to offer some exotic entrees you want to make sure you dish out some all time favorites that are guaranteed to be a big hit. So, if your wondering what some of your most palatable selections are, we're here to tell you.

Whether you're a native Long Islander or just plan on having your wedding here, one thing's for sure.... Long Island is "famous" for it's fabulous beaches. And, beaches can make beachy keen locations for your big day, especially if you're planning to wed in the warmer spring and summer months.

White has, at least ever since most of us can recall, been the tradition colour for brides. In fact, whether you were a conservative femme or, modern and conventional mademoiselle, the white gown has been gracing the wedding aisle of most nuptial celebrations. And from ball gowns to sexy sheaths each makes a statement of it's own.

Long, seemingly never-ending tables have traditionally been regal and elegant and associated with the gathering of friends and family of a fantastic fete and feast. And, they are perfect for that majestic wedding celebration for the "Princess Bride" and her "royal" family and guests.

When it comes to sexy beverage selections, most couples offer up Mojitos, Martinis and Cosmos. Some may even opt for specialty beers and wines. And, when it comes to morning or midday affairs or morning after breakfasts, most are familiar with the favorites serving up the classically provocative potables such as Bloody Mary’s, Mimosa’s or Bellini’s. Some even go the extra mile to create and add ambiance by arranging them around an ice sculpture, surround with exotic complimentary appetizers, etc.