Red Hot Brides: The Sizzling New Trend In Wedding Wear

White has, at least ever since most of us can recall, been the tradition color for brides. In fact, whether you were a conservative femme or, modern and conventional mademoiselle, the white gown has been gracing the wedding aisle of most nuptial celebrations. And from ball gowns to sexy sheaths each makes a statement of its own.

Well, now wedding gowns seem to be making an even bigger, bolder statement as they embrace a new twist in fashion forward trend.

Whether the runways are taking their cues from lavish East Indian culture and couture or whether brides simply want to embrace their more "provocative", "festive" and "passionate" side, whimsical and virginal whit is quickly being replaced by vivacious red.

That's right, red, a color that in many cultures represents good luck, is getting a "lucky break" in the wedding market and with some of today's less traditional brides.