How To Host A "Simply" Regal Celebration

Long, seemingly never-ending tables have traditionally been regal and elegant and associated with the gathering of friends and family of a fantastic fete and feast. And, they are perfect for that majestic wedding celebration for the "Princess Bride" and her "royal" family and guests.

Still, you may be concerned about the distance between the people in the middle and those toward and on each end. Consider seating guests at the head of the table(s) with key players (bride, groom, parents, and members of the bridal party) taking their place "center stage" allowing for more photo opps and conversation with everyone.

Just keep in mind that the longer the table, the longer it will takes folks to find their place and for those on the outer perimeters to get to the dance floor, specialty stations, rest rooms, and other areas of interest. Better yet, seat only 10 people at a table and keep it regal but simple.