Sip & Tell: Serving Up Sexy “Cocktails”

When it comes to sexy beverage selections, most couples offer up Mojitos, Martinis and Cosmos. Some may even opt for specialty beers and wines. And, when it comes to morning or midday affairs or morning after breakfasts, most are familiar with the favorites serving up the classically provocative potables such as Bloody Mary’s, Mimosa’s or Bellini’s. Some even go the extra mile to create and add ambiance by arranging them around an ice sculpture, surrounded with exotic complimentary appetizers, etc.

But, experts suggest tapping into your more creative side for children/teens or adults that don’t drink.

Set up a separate bar, befitting the theme where only non-alcoholic versions of your favorite beverages are mixed. And, they suggest serving in equally enticing “stemware”, such as coconut or pineapple shells for frozen, tropical drinks, or Long Stemmed glasses for alcohol-free sparkling bubbly. And/or how about a specialty “juice” bar that’ll whip up some healthful and nutritious fruit (and yogurt) smoothies.

And, they add, why not take it a step further? Hosting an outdoor summer event, consider setting up some glasses for lemonade and iced tea. Or, how about a fountain of punch for kids of all ages? Consider a barrel of warm cider or an urn of hot cocoa for cooler weather events, served in mugs with your picture on them, as well as grape, apple, and other juices served in fanciful flutes. Take your fete (or morning brunch) a step further and host a literal juice bar to serve up some fresh squeezed apple, orange or other fruit juices as well as some exotic vegetable juice combinations for your bolder, health conscious guests. Just remember that presentation is everything, so serve up in champagne flutes or martini glasses, at least to the older “children” and adults.