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Will Cadena is a photographer who combines a modern, edgy look with traditional photography. Shooting since he was 13 years old has given him the experience to break the rules of traditional photography and deliver a whole new look to his images without retouching. He is a member of Professional Photographers Association and Wedding & Portrait Photographers International for many years. He has been photographing clothing campaigns, high profile events, and much more for over a decade both here in the US and internationally.

Photography seems to run in his blood, having numerous family members in the field. While his family taught him the basics, his own love of the art has inspired him to research, explore and experiment to fine tune his craft. To Cadena, photography is not a job, it is a passion, which comes through in every image he shoots. It is important to him to be different and for each image to make a statement, and have impact. His knowledge and use of lighting is what sets him apart from the average photographer. Cadena’s passion for photography comes from seeing the beauty in everything. What appears to be a simple shadow to us is an inspiration to him. His love of architecture, fine lines and shadows is a great source of his genius.

When asked “What do you like best about the job?” Cadena replies “...exploring new locations and enjoying the beauty of the people and their surroundings... knowing when the client sees their images they are 'wowed' and beyond satisfied. I would have nothing less.”

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